About the Breed

General Facts: The German Shepherd Dog of today continues to be a superlative companion dog and is the working dog of choice by many agencies. In North America the German Shepherd Dog is, by litter and individual dog registrations, one of the most popular and numerous breeds. More info...

Breed History: The early shepherd dogs of Germany were of several types suited to their environments. Coat length and texture, colour, and build all varied but these types all possessed ruggedness, intelligence, soundness, and the ability to do specialized work. More info...

Information on buying a German Shepherd Dog:  There still remains a belief that dogs should not be trained until at least six months to one year of age. All dogs and their owners CAN benefit when behaviour, temperament and obedience training begin as soon as the seven or eight week old puppy enters his new home. By six months of age, almost all problem behaviours are already in place, and solving them will be difficult, frustrating and possibly not successful. More info...

About The Breed
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