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The Nova Scotia German Shepherd Dog Club, Specialty Shows
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Nova Scotia German Shepherd Dog Club
Specialty Shows

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    July 5th, 2003



    July 6th, 2003

    Unbenched Unexamined Outdoors
    (The NSGSDC provides no cover for exhibitors in the event of unfavorable weather)

    These events are held under the Canadian Kennel Club rules at the

    Enfield Lion's Club Community Center Enfield, Nova Scotia, Canada

    Mon., June 23, 2003
    12:00 MIDNIGHT

    Show and Trial Secretary & Show Superintendent
    Judy Richards
    P.O. Box 793, Amherst, Nova Scotia, B4H 4B9
    (902) 667-0171 Fax (902) 667-0104

    Conformation Judging Assignments

    Saturday July 5th 2003:
    Dr. Morton Goldfarb, 3692 Rockhill Rd., Birmingham, Al. 35223-1576

    Sunday July 6th 2003:
    Mr. Michel Chaloux, 3 Charmes St., Lorraine, Qc.,J6Z 1R5

    Obedience Judging Assignment:

    Saturday & Sunday:
    Marie J. Cloutier, 3417 Ave. de Lorraine, Montreal, Qc., H2K 3X5

    Judging of the 42nd. Annual NSGSDC Specialty Show will commence at 12 Noon.

    Obedience judging will commence at 10AM on Saturday July 5th., 2003 unless entries warrant a different start time.

    Judging on Sunday, July 6th will begin at 10AM for BOTH conformation and obedience rings

    Canadian Kennel Club
    Mr. Brian Hocking, CEO
    89 Skyway Ave, Suite 100
    Etobicoke, ON M9W 6R4
    CKC Director (NS and NFLD)
    Mr. Michael Delaney
    7 Walters Street
    Dartmouth, NS B2W 1S9
    CKC Dog Show Representative (NS)
    Mr. Walter Norris
    84 Conrad's Branch
    Hubbards, NS B0J 1T0
    CKC Obedience Representative (NS)
    Mrs. Diane Hiseler
    145 Purcell's Cove Rd
    Halifax, NS B3P 1B3

    (No other photographer may take official photographs within the Show & Trial Precincts)

    John Crosby
    134 Lala Mist Dr.
    Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia B4B 1X2

    Turkey Dinner - $25.00  ____  tickets @ $25.00 money included  ________

    Name: ____________________________________

    Presentation by Dr. Goldfarb
    Accommodations available at the Airport Hotel, Host Hotel
    A block of 10 rooms reserved; ASK FOR NSGSDC RATE
    Make reservations early!! (902) 873-3000
    (dogs must be kept in crates)

  • CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS: The Schedule to be employed in the determination of the number of points allocated a dog awarded WINNERS shall be as follows:

    DOGS COMPETING:       1   2  3-5  6-9  10-12  13 or more
    POINTS ALLOWCATED:  0   1   2      3       4           5


    Official Classes

    Pre-Novice    for dogs handled by owner or other person; may enter more than one dog, not earned a C.D. title

    Novice A    for dogs handled by owner or immediate family member through all exercises.

    Novice B    for trainers, multiple entries, or dogs that have earned titles in another country.

    Novice Intermediate    for dogs that have earned a Companion Dog title or beyond; may be entered in Open/Utility and NIC at same trial

    Open A    for dogs that have earned a CD in Canada and are handled by the owner or immediate family member through all exercises.

    Open B    for dogs that have earned a CD in Canada, trainers, multiple entries, or dogs that have earned titles in another country.

    Utility for dogs, which have earned a CDX in Canada

    Unofficial Classes

    Versatility    a dog that has gained the titles of CDX in Canada and at least one leg on the UD title or has obtained the UD title Brace any two dogs of any breed and of either sex, which have obtained not less than a CD title in Canada.

    Veterans    a dog that has an obedience degree and is 7 years old prior to the close of entries.

    A separate entry form is required for Obedience Trials. To facilitate setting up the jumps in Novice C, Open and Utility, please designate jump heights on the entry form.

    A dog must be individually registered to compete in the Open Classes. Best in Trial - the first in each class, both Official and Unofficial, shall perform individually an Off Leash Heeling Pattern.
    The Obedience ring will be enclosed.

    For all Unofficial Classes the dog must be entered in one of the Official Classes e.g. Exhibition Only.


    President: Paul Boyd | Vice President: Judy Richards
    Treasurer: Reta Boyd | Secretary: Colleen Aucoin
    Directors: Blois Boyd, Mike Clarke
    Magee Cochrane June Zwicker


    Chairperson: Judy Richards
    Show and Trial Secretary Judy Richards
    Superintendent Judy Richards
    Publicity Reta Boyd, Paul Boyd, Peter Aucoin
    Advertising Venus Boyd & club members
    Ribbons and Trophies Reta Boyd, Wendy Clark, Colleen Aucoin
    Trophy Donations Publicity Reta Boyd & Albert Walker
    Equipment Colleen Aucoin, Peter Aucoin, Paul Boyd
    Canteen Magee Cochrane

    Ring Stewards:

    Conformation: Barb Kincaid
    Obedience: Monica MacKenzie, Jay Kincaid
    Veterinarian: Elmsdale Animal Hospital
    Address: 654 Highway #2, Elmsdale, N.S. 902-883-7080

    President: Bob Stevenson | 1st Vice President: Ed Callesen
    2nd Vice President Ron Peet | Treasurer: Jim Randall
    Secretary Jen Somogyi | Eastern Region Director Reta Boyd


    Cover Pages $50.00  |  Full Page $30.00
    Half Page $20.00  |  Business Card $10.00
    Colour Page $50.00

    Club Members

    Full Page $20.00  |  Half Page $10.00

    Please contact

    Venus Boyd
    email: dogman@hfx.eastlink.ca

    Entry Fees: per dog class

    Conformation $25.00 (3rd - 5th dog $15.00 / each; 6th dog onward $10.00)
    Junior Puppy$10.00
    Exhibition Only$8.00
    Unofficial Classes $7.00
    CKC Listing Fee $4.28
    Catalogues $4.00

    All entries for these shows to be mailed to the Show Secretary and cheques payable to the Nova Scotia German Shepherd Dog Club. Attention USA exhibitors: please note that fees are due and payable in Canadian funds. Due to consistently fluctuating currency rates, discounted cheques will not be accepted. Personal cheques will be accepted, however, they are to be payable in Canadian funds. If you send a cheque in US funds, it must be made out for the full amount of the entry and no exchange will be refunded to the exhibitor. Please do not mark cheques "Payable in Canadian Funds" or "At Par". They willl not be cleared by the banks. To simplify the process, we urge that you purchase bank drafts or money orders payable in Canadian funds. Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated.

    A CKC listing fee of $4.28 is payable if no CKC number or ERN number is included on the entry form. This includes dogs entered in Exhibition Only and any Miscellaneous Breeds entered in the Obedience Trials.
    Catalogues will be on a pre-order basis only. Please remit $4.00 per catalogue with your entry. Catalogues will not be mailed out to absent exhibitors.

    Requests to move a dog from a regular class to Specials Only in Conformation or to the next level in Obedience must be in the hands of the Show Secretary at least one hour prior to the opening of the Show. (Chapter 15 Section B; Chapter 6 Section 6.8)


    The following official classes, divided by sex, will be provided.

    Junior Puppy A dog between 6 and 9 months of age
    Senior Puppy A dog between 9 and 12 months of age
    12-18 Months A dog between 12 and 18 months of age
    Canadian Bred A dog that was born in Canada
    Bred By Exhibitor A dog owned and handled by the breeder
    Open All dogs
    Specials Only All dogs that are Canadian Champions, must have individual registrations before closing date
    Sexually Altered Class For altered dogs 6 months of age and over (Saturday Only)
    Veterans A dog over the age of 7 years
    Exhibition Only Dogs 6 months of age, not for competition in any class.

    UNOFFICIAL CLASSES - Saturday Only

    Following the judging of all the CKC Official classes, the following will be provided:

    Breeders Class Stud dog and two or more of his progeny or a brood bitch and two or more of her progeny. All dogs must be entered in one of the official classes but need not be owned by the same person. Trophy to go to the owner of the sire or dam. Fee: $7.00.

    Best Dog Bred by No entry fee, the dog MUST be entered in an Official Class. Club Member

    Best Dog Owned by No entry fee; the dog MUST be entered in an Official Class Club Member


    No dog under six months of age is permitted within the precincts of the show. Every dog entered in a Championship Show or licensed Obedience Trial held under CKC rules, except those breeds designated by the Board as being eligible to compete in the Miscellaneous class, must be registered or eligible for registration in the Stud Book of the CKC. The entry form must be completed in full. An incomplete entry form must be rejected by the show giving club and returned to the designated owner or authorized agent.
    To comply with instructions from the CKC a show giving club is unable to accept, cancel, alter or substitute any entry reaching the show secretary after the published closing date. Telephone and telegraph entries are prohibited except in such circumstances as the Board of Directors may otherwise authorize e.g. Postal strike. NO entry will be accepted unless accompanied by the required entry fee.

    A copy of the CKC DOG SHOW RULES or REGULATIONS AND STANDARDS FOR OBEDIENCE TRIALS can be obtained by forwarding the correct fee to The Canadian Kennel Club. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to know the rules regarding their events.


    If you have foreign born and foreign owned dogs, not CKC registered, entering Canada for the sole purpose of entering in CKC Events, make sure you apply for an EVENT REGISTRATION NUMBER (ERN). To obtain an ERN, simply do the following:

    Send a photocopy of the dogs' registration certificate reflecting current ownership, for example AKC Registration Certificate, with a written request for an ERN, with a cheque or money order for the current amount payable to the CKC.
    Ensure that you provide us with your full return address to enable the ERN to be sent to you.

    This ERN MUST be applied for within 30 days of the first day of entering a CKC Event. The dog may be entered as "Listed;" however, failure to apply for an ERN within 30 days of the first event entered will result in cancellation of any wins, awards, or scores.

    Please forward request to: The Canadian Kennel Club, Shows & Trials Division, 100-89 Skyway Ave, Etobicoke, ON M9W 6R4 Phone (416) 675-5511 Fax: (416) 675-6506.

    TROPHY LIST- Conformation

    NSGSDC SHOW ONLY -Perpetual Trophies - Saturday July 5TH, 2003 ONLY

    Best of Breed Moosehead Breweries Perpetual Trophy
    Best of Opposite Sex Victor Oland Perpetual Trophy
    Best Puppy in Show Walter Feetham Memorial Trophy

    Suitable prizes will be given for first in each of the following
    Best of Winners Reserve Winners Female
    Winners Male Best Dog Bred by Club Member
    Reserve Winners Male Best Dog Owned by Club Member
    Winners Female Breeders Class
    Veterans Male Veterans Female
    Sexually Altered Male Sexually Altered Female
    Best Sexually Altered in Breed

    GSDCC SHOW - Sunday July 6TH, 2003 ONLY
    Suitable prizes will be given for first IN each of the following

    Best of Breed Best of Opposite Sex
    Best Puppy Best of Winners
    Winners Male Reserve Winners Male
    Winners Female Reserve Winners Female
    Veterans both


    Suitable prizes will be given for the first in each of the following classes for both trials.

    All Official classes 1st place All Unofficial Classes
    High in Trial $30.00 Best in Trial $25.00
    Donated by Anita Hamilton/ NSGSDC Jay & Barb Kincaid
    Pre-Novice donated by Reta Boyd $20.00
    Novice A donated by Gertie and Gerald Nicoll $15.00/ Cindy Harris
    Novice B
    Novice Intermediate
    Open A
    Open B
    High in Trial
    Best in Trial
    A Perpetual Trophy is given for the team having the Highest Combined Score for a single class in the two trials. (All Perpetual Trophies will remain in Nova Scotia) Suitable keepers will be given.
    Suitable prizes will be given for the following:
    Highest qualifying score by a German Shepherd Dog owned by a Club Member.
    Highest qualifying score by a dog handled by a handler 16 years of age or under.
    Highest qualifying score by a dog bred by a Club Member
    Highest scoring Group 4 Terrier - Donated by Atlantic Terrier Association - Suitable Trophy - Saturday Only


    1. The show superintendent will be in full charge of the show and trials, which will be governed by the CKC rules.
    2. Identification cards and judging schedules will be mailed to all exhibitors as soon as possible after entries close.
    3. Only dogs entered in the Shows and Trials will be admitted to the show premises. The precincts of the show will extend 20 feet beyond the ring on all sides and the entrance.
    4. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor or agent to have the dogs in the judging ring when required for judging.
    5. Moving Up: A dog that is individually registered in the records of the CKC or has an ERN or a miscellaneous class certificate number and has fulfilled the requirements for a title in accordance with the provisions of these rules, may be moved to the next level of competition providing the transfer was submitted to the trial secretary in writing by the owner or handler one hour prior to the opening of the first trial, schedule permitting.
    6. All exhibitors will be responsible for clean up on the grounds and surrounding areas for their own dogs and/or dogs they are handling.
    7. No trailer hook-ups.
    8. The NSGSDC will use due care and diligence for the welfare of the dogs, exhibitors and spectators but will not be responsible for or assume liability in the event of an accident or other misfortune to either dogs, exhibitors or spectators.
    9. The show grounds will be open at 8:00 AM.
    10. These are outdoor events and no provision shall be made for the judging rings to be under cover in the event of inclement weather.
    11. NO post dated cheques accepted. All NSF cheques will be subject to a charge of $20.00 NSF cheques are considered non-payment of entry fees and are punishable by disciplinary action and cancellation of awards. All fees must be paid before the show.
    12. It shall be the duty and obligation of the show/trial-giving club to see that a judge, club official, ring steward, volunteer or competitor at a show or obedience trial held under these regulations, is not subject to indignities of any kind.
    13. No person shall enter or exhibit a dog under a judge where that judge has owned, conditioned, sold, handled, held under lease or boarded within 6 months prior to the date of the show at which the officiates as a judge. This rule shall apply regardless of whether the judge benefits in any way from any of the aforementioned activities. It is the responsibility of the owner to see that the rule is not violated. (Section 8.3.5, Dog Show Rules)
    14. Exhibitors are responsible for knowing and complying with the dog Show rules of the CKC.
    15. The Nova Scotia German Shepherd Dog Club reserves the right to refuse any entry subject to CKC rules.
    16. Dogs must be on the grounds at least 30 minutes before the judging of the class.
    17. Canteen facilities will be available on the grounds.
    18. If, because of riot, civil disturbances or other acts beyond the control of the Nova Scotia German Shepherd Dog Club, it is impossible to complete the show, no refund of entry fees will make.
    19. Bitches in season are not committed to compete. Entry fees refunded ONLY if the trial secretary receives a veterinarian certificate on or before the date of the trial.

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